Altoid ipod nano case

well I can't understand why ipod cases cost 20$ or even 10$ so after I saw a tutorial on Instructables I decided to make my own ipod nano (4th gen.) case out of an altoids tin, the total cost for this was 0$ because I had all the supplies already. I used a nail to make the hole for the ear phones then used an awl to gently increase the size , I had planned on using a grommet but I couldn't find one big enough, then I used a craft brass clasp for the closure, it has a nice tight fit.  I used scrap quilted fabric and glue for the inside. It's quite a snug fit so the ribbon is like a pull tab. I think if I make another one I might use cardboard instead of fabric, and maybe add a little handle.  Over all I am really pleased with the results.

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bright lights, big cities said...

I just came across your blog through a google search. I think this is the most creative thing I have seen used for an old tin!!