sewing resolutions for 2009

1. this will be my Year of the Stash- I am going to make those things I intended when I bought the fabric. I have lugged boxes of fabric from state to state for 10 years, sacrificed closet space and spent untold amounts of money. My goal is to reduce it by 1/2
2. loose 10 pounds, okay not technically sewing related but it is when I have to measure my waist
3. learn to screen print (thank you JS!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, you will love screen printing! I was terrified to try it and finally took the plunge... I was teaching art in a middle school and wanted to make silk screened t-shirts for a 3 day class trip. Anyway, just buy the basic silk screening kit and follow the directions! It is really quite simple and yet amazing.

Barbara Dykhouse (aka Chris's mom)

poppy said...

great, I got a speedball kit for christmas and I can't wait to get started! thanks for visiting!