homemade couch slipcover for Katie

From 2010-08-29

and after:

this took us about 2 days of sewing, this is my 3rd cover and I like to make the cushions instead of a regular slipcover- I think this looks much nicer. Covering the cushions probably takes the longest. we used heavy home-dec fabric that is way more durable than the chintz that was on there to begin with.
below is close up of the arm back, probably the hardest part with the curve and 3 large pieces that come together, it needs to be tight to prevent it from shifting.
From dp

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helper cats Basil and Nutmeg!

and helper dog Salute:
From dp

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Achalla said...

OMG you did a fantastic job on your slipcovers. Do you have a template for it?

- Marcella