Kitchen dining room before and after

These pics are from when we where thinking of buying the house, so the furniture is not ours. notice the wall to wall wallpaper and the entire kitchen is painted yellow.

And After....
after 1 week of stripping and cleaning, removing carpet and fixing plaster we chose 5 colors (including ceiling) (Dutch Boy Paint) we took out the bar with plans to put something there. 4 new light fixtures and new hardware. I saw the 2-tone kitchen cabinets (top different than bottom) in a DIY mag. and I just love the added interest. Also we painted the dishwasher ( Note: do not use the appliance spray paint- too many drips, I used oil based enamel). I sort-0f wanted a slightly retro colors with the cabinets so I was please with the lower drawer pulls. I'm very glad its done, it took about 2.5 weeks ( in-between work).

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Michelle said...

What a difference! I bet the lil' old lady who lived there before you would be floored to see how you've changed it. Speaking of floors...your new one looks GREAT!